Gamers in India have a strong interest in a gaming career because the business offers a variety of work opportunities and a solid potential for income, according to the HP India Gaming Landscape Survey 2022, which comprised more than 2,000 participants from 14 Indian cities.

According to a study conducted by personal computer manufacturer HP India, roughly two-thirds of hardcore gamers who spend more than eight hours gaming each week and participate in online gaming competitions are considering gaming as a career option, including becoming a gaming endorser or a gaming developer.

Indian gamers are particularly interested in pursuing a career in gaming, according to an HP study that polled more than 2000 people in 14 Indian locations. They believe it has a great opportunity for financial reward and a wide range of work prospects.

“The potential for their hobby to turn into a career is another important factor influencing players’ decision to play games. According to the survey, gaming can also be a source of social interaction (52%), mental agility improvement (58%), and amusement and relaxation (92%).

The expansion of the gaming industry in India, it was added, is encouraging Indian gamers to explore a variety of job opportunities. Although being a gamer is still their favorite career path (53%), they also show interest in being an influencer (20%), a game developer (18%), a streamer (8%), and an animator (2%) according to the survey.

“India is seeing an increase in female gamers. Women gamers are considering careers in gaming, converting their pastime into a vocation (50%), and offering promising financial opportunities (45%), the report continued.

It is encouraging to see gaming being viewed as a career option as the gaming sector in India develops, according to Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, HP India market. HP is committed to supporting gamers on their journey by giving them knowledge, tools, and prospects to upskill and assist them in becoming stronger at their game with OMEN community initiatives. The PC gaming landscape in India presents a tremendous opportunity for the youth.

“We have a huge commercial opportunity given how popular PC gaming is. We continue to be committed to developing the best experiences based on user feedback in order to create a robust and cutting-edge gaming ecosystem in our country, Mr. Bedi said.

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