The Pro Kabaddi league has enabled Kabaddi to reign again in the Indian sports industry

Kabaddi is one the oldest sports in India, and maybe, one of the oldest sports that humans have ever known. Originating in ancient India, Kabaddi was played by legendary characters like Lord Krishna and Gautama Buddha, a thousands of years ago. And to this day, the sport is still quite popular all over the Indian subcontinent and beyond. However, Kabaddi lags behind other popular sports like cricket and football. Nonetheless, it is rapidly catching up and emerging as the most-watched sport in India, thanks to the Pro Kabaddi League.

The popularity of kabaddi began to accelerate in the year 2014 when the Pro Kabaddi League first started in India. The PKL league has succeeded in modernizing the sport and establishing a loyal and growing audience, not just in India, but also in countries outside. Kabaddi is now played in a modern manner. Now, it is more regulated and fast-paced than the earlier versions of the game, thanks to the major improvements introduced by the PKL tournament. The league has elevated the sport of kabaddi to international standards by introducing new twists in the regulations of the game.

This is one of the many reasons why after the IPL, Pro Kabaddi is the most-watched sports league in India, which also has the Indian Super League (football), and Premier Badminton League, among others. In its inaugural season, reportedly, 435 million people watched the 37-day event. Pro Kabaddi also has the most participants among all sporting leagues in the country. The value of the league seems to have soared as well in recent days due to the enthusiasm and enigma surrounding them. Well, thanks to the pro kabaddi league, the Kabaddi sport has gained new dominion in the country.

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