Top 10 deep learning startups in India represent a diverse range of industries and applications

India’s technology ecosystem is witnessing a surge in innovative startups, and deep learning, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), is at the forefront of this wave. Deep learning startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in various sectors, from healthcare to finance, and everything in between. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 deep learning startups in India that are making waves in the world of AI.


SigTuple is revolutionizing healthcare with its deep learning-powered solutions for medical diagnosis. Their platform uses AI to analyze medical images and data, providing faster and more accurate results for conditions ranging from blood disorders to infectious diseases.


Niramai focuses on early and non-invasive breast cancer detection. Their deep learning algorithms can analyze thermal images to identify potential cancerous tissue, offering a promising solution for early diagnosis.

Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den’s deep learning technology is behind the popular retail AI platform, This startup’s AI solutions help retailers enhance customer experiences and optimize operations by providing insights into customer behavior and preferences.


Suki.AI is a virtual voice-activated assistant for doctors. Using deep learning, it listens to physicians’ conversations with patients, transcribes them accurately, and generates medical notes, saving doctors valuable time.

Deep Vision

Deep Vision is at the forefront of computer vision applications. They provide solutions for industries like retail, manufacturing, and agriculture, with their deep learning algorithms enabling object recognition and quality control.

Leena AI

Leena AI offers a chatbot platform that leverages deep learning to automate HR processes. This chatbot can answer employee queries, assist in onboarding, and provide HR-related information.

Wobot Intelligence

Wobot Intelligence specializes in video analytics using deep learning. Their solutions are used for security and surveillance, quality control, and process optimization in various industries.


Another significant player in the healthcare sector, Sigtuple uses deep learning for blood cell analysis, enabling quick and accurate diagnostics, especially in resource-constrained settings.


Miko is a social robot designed to interact with and educate children. This AI-powered robot uses deep learning to understand and respond to children’s emotions, making it a valuable educational tool.


Jubi.AI focuses on revolutionizing the financial sector with AI. Their deep learning algorithms help financial institutions automate processes, enhance fraud detection, and improve customer experiences.


These top 10 deep learning startups in India represent a diverse range of industries and applications. They are harnessing the power of deep learning to solve complex problems, streamline operations, and enhance the quality of life for individuals. As they continue to innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions, they contribute to India’s growing reputation as a hub for AI and deep learning technology. Keep an eye on these startups, as they are poised to make a significant impact on the global stage.

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