Entrepreneurs from northeast India are breaking shackles to showcase what this untapped region might yield

The northwest part of India is generally overlooked when it comes to investor funding, business initiation, and robust entrepreneurship. The emergence of Covid triggered the rise of some of the most robust entrepreneurship undertakings. Reportedly, the Indian economy is saturating at a rapid pace, but the northeast economic markets are still untapped, and realizing the potential of these entrepreneurs will be crucial for India’s economic growth and development. Over the past couple of years, there has been a paradigm shift in the mindset of employers and employees belonging to the northeast region of the country. The youth population is also slowly realizing the importance of innovation to tackle the growing local challenges and resolve the problems as soon as possible. Here, we have enlisted some of the top entrepreneurs who have successfully made it to the global markets and have broken all the shackles to attain success and recognition for the country.


Mark Laitflang Stone

Mark is an award-winning entrepreneur, who is often referred to as ‘the original millennial startup man of the North East. He founded Avenues, a life skill coaching center in 2003 and since then has successfully reached out to 900,000 people. He has served as the Founding Curator for the Global Shapers Community at the World Economic Forum. Besides, he also served as the leader of some of the top organizations in the country.



HironmoyGogoi is the founder and creative head at Gaon ka Khana. He is a young author who has written a book on entrepreneurship, known as ‘The Future CEO’. He was awarded the Student Entrepreneurship of the year 2016 by the Entrepreneur Magazine and has also been honored with the prestigious Asia Inspiration Award from Sri Lanka.


Rita Tage

Rita is an agricultural engineer, who turned the locally abundant Kiwi fruit into one of the finest wines in India, her commercial wine is named NaaraAaba. She is also the Chairperson and Managing Director of Lambu-Subu Food. Her commercial ventures have changed and touched the lives of several farmers, who are almost on the verge of giving up Kiwi farming.


Banamallika Choudhury

Banamallika is a successful entrepreneur and an activist. She has been working in the development sector for quite a while, but soon quit to start her own dream project. She focuses on equal, environmentally-friendly businesses that she feels will challenge the patriarchal capitalist business motives that hinder the growth of the country’s female entrepreneurs.



Ramina is a marketing professional and the founder and CEO of GojiLove. It was first initiated as an online platform for personal products, but with its rising popularity, Ramina was able to expand her business, in partnership with co-founder and sister Reena.


Janessaline Mary Pyngrope

Janessaline and her business partner David started the first ethnic fashion house in Meghalaya, known as Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House. She possesses a degree in management education from BIMM, Pune, where she decided to work on change and development in the northeast region of India.


Rohit Bhattacharjee

Rohit is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who launched an LED bulb manufacturing factory known as RB Illuminations and has opened up opportunities for several unemployed youths of the state successfully hone their skills and strive to become more productive.



ZomawiiHrahsel runs the Diki bakery in Aizawl, Mizoram, which sells products under the TepuiaChaang brand name. The unique selling point for TepuiaChaang is its quality, taste, and innovative product and ingredients that suit the local taste buds. Their annual turnover is around 50 lakhs per year. Their products range from biscuits to cakes for various events and occasions. Meanwhile, Hrahsel is also involved in local philanthropy and gives out bakery products on special events such as Christmas to the disadvantaged.



Benthungo is the co-founder of Apex Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd, he also partnered with Aroma Eatery, dealing in food and beverage. He also founded Fresh Zola, an application that delivers groceries and essential commodities, and has employed around 200 people in his establishments.



A liter is a proud owner and head chef of the LIBA Cafe and Patisserie in Arunachal’s capital city, Itanagar. The outlet is now a year old and Baser wishes to continue adding more elements to it using local produce of the region.

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